iPhone Application Development

Four Play and Four Play Genius Edition

Challenge your knowledge of words with these two games dealing with four letter words!

Stick It!

Stick It! is a goofy little casual game that will keep you coming back for more! Just flip the weight around until the plate is balanced on top and let the fun begin! Simplistic design and outstanding physics make this simple game a blast to play.


iBelieve is the cool new way to share your belief with the world and to see the approximate global location of those that share the same belief!

Simply tap on the icon that represents your belief and then switch to the Map View to see your location and the approximate location of those that share your belief.

Jetman for the iPhone!

Coming Soon a new and improved Jetman endorsed by the real-life Jetman, Mr. Yves Rossy

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If you'd like to be involved in testing, Drop us a line! We'd love to use your feedback to fine-tune this game!


Wheelo your time away with the modern day version of this classic toy from the 50's!
Time your movements just right to make the wheel "whip" around the curve and pick up speed. The longer it travels at a high speed, the more points you score! Extensive use of the accelerometer, coupled with great looking graphics, sounds effects and a scoring system makes Wheel-O-Matic more entertaining than the original.


The faster you shake, the faster it pops!
Built in temperature indicator lets you know when to shake faster. Timer display keeps score of how long it takes you to pop a full batch! Features kernels so real you can taste them; dynamic heat indicator; timer for competitive popping; excellent animation and sound effects; outstanding graphics. Tasty app!

March Madness

The easiest NCAA Basketball Bracket you will ever fill out is here! And yes, it's Free!
Simply ZOOM-IN AND TAP A TEAM TO ADVANCE! Partially completed brackets are automatically saved to your iPhone or iPod Touch for editing later. Game Results are automatically updated along with your current score which is based on points for each correct pick by round.

Air Ball!

It's the season for College Hoops and no game will be complete without a few Cheers and Jeers from this irresistible Air Ball sound board.
Use all 19 of these excellent sounds to enhance your basketball viewing all season long! Air Ball is the Perfect App when you want to annoy your friends or enjoy the game alone (after you have annoyed your friends).

Office Pool!

Office Pool is a simple but very powerful app for creating and managing Office Pools on your iPhone.
Create multiple Pools, each with a unique Pool Number and random scores automatically assigned by the App. Completed Pools are immediately available for viewing via the free Office Pool Lite app. Just in time for the Super Bowl! Get it now!

Punch Buggy Mobile - At last, a way to track your Punch Buggy scores. This cool little scorebaord comes complete with sound effects and with a chance to find our real Ca$h Buggy, how can you go wrong?

Check it out for Free with Punch Buggy Mobile Lite!

Avail_on_app_store Mind's Eye

Thanks to media artists Scott Fisher and Perry Hoberman of Telepresence Media, experience two of the most amazing stereograms ever created on your iPhone.

Fine Button - A Free Sound Button to top all sound buttons!

Use it for:
  • Saying you agree even when you really don't agree
  • Letting the boss know you'll handle that task with a smile
  • Settling almost any argument once and for all
  • Letting the wife know you'll take care of that right away
  • Agreeing to finish your homework before spending any more
    time on IM

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